BlackBerry May Soon Capture Your Eye- and Identity

‘Bringing back a bit of the sexiness of gadgets more suited to Ethan Hunt, James Bond or Captain “kicking it old-school” Kirk, Research in Motion is making your BlackBerry an “eye-device,” with information from your iris stored inside.

In partnership with Iris ID and HID Global, RIM has announced that it’s supporting the use of a biometric template from Iris ID.

This means you could flash your Blackberry instead of an employee ID card to open doors at work. Embedded iCLASS technology would serve as a digital credential and allow NFC-enabled BlackBerry 7 smartphones to transmit your identity when held up to an iCAM7000 iris camera.’


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A Third of a Million Families May Be Forced to Sell Their Homes This Year as Endowment Policies Fail to Deliver

‘Up to 360,000 families may be forced to sell their home this year because record numbers of endowment policies have failed to deliver.

In many cases, these homeowners are seeing endowments fall £100,000 short of what they were promised. Many who have saved loyally for 25 years will get a payout of little more than £25,000 — far short of the capital they owe on their home.’